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Aida is an AI based diagnostic app (AIDA) that can help you analyse your symptoms, give you some recommendations and guide you to the right specialist.

Medical book

Aida learned from medical books and was trained on a huge amount of data, curated by medical doctors. Aida is still learning and improving.


Aida can analyse thousands of symptoms and recognise several hundred diagnoses.

Hi, I'm Aida!

How do you feel today?

I'm here to help you identify your symptoms and guide you to the most suitable specialist if necessary.

Would you like to try me?

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Aida application

We are preparing for the future

In short future, Aida will also help you analyse your data from wearable devices, mobile, and even your own health records that you will be able to upload.

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With Aida, you can steer your clients to better health.

After each interview you can recommend certain actions to your clients - call a local doctor, schedule a checkup or even offer them some of your products.

As a result, you get relevant data about your portfolio.